The perfect place for your vacation this summer

Enjoy the summer with our exceptionally hot prices - just 8 BGN/bed/night - SBA base, during the whole summer season of 2023 !!!    Welcome friends !!!    A pleasant combination of green nature, tranquility, sea shore and silence.    Welcome friends !!!

Our holiday base is situated 300m from the beach of the town, and 150m from the town center.

The bungalows have 2, 3 and 4 beds. Each bungalow is equipped with a refrigerator. The bathroom is common. The bungalows are in the midst of green figs, pomegranates and fruit trees. The coolness created by the trees, makes the place quiet and ideal for your family holiday among beautiful nature. There are big and nice yards, suitable for your childrens and their games.

At your disposal are a secured car parking, and a small coffee shop, where you will enjoy a sip of coffee and some delicious ala minutes.

Near Ahtopol there are the wonderful and exotic beaches of Sinemorets and Silistar.

Welcome in the heart of Strandja mountain, near the Black Sea, in the midst of a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

We are expecting you and your friends !


Bungalow Views:

Inside view:

Address (SBA resort):

Europe, Bulgaria, Black Sea - Ahtopol city, right next to the stadium, in front of the beach alley


Map 2
SBA resort